Christeen Ministry

Mrs. Simi Thomas

Core Committee Member
+973 38066351

Mrs. Syvy Joseph

Ministry Leader
+973 66351130

Sacred Heart Church – Bahrain designed the Christeen Ministry on a divine thought of making children of Malayalam community to aware about the Jesus and to love him wholeheartedly in order to witness his holy wisdom.

I take this opportunity to proudly announce that it completes 15 years of divine excellence in the mission, vision and service to the Kingdom of Bahrain. All our service minded souls in this wing giving direction to children to realize this divine effort and happens all these years gracefully. Thereby making sure of their active participation in mass and proceedings of the church and to be a part of all the activities in full swing. Along with giving proper guidance and thoughts, it also making sure of exploring their hidden talents and creating a sincere effort to develop and channelize this process in a better way for a better tomorrow.

Liturgy & Choir:

Giving training to the children for the Mass Choir participating in the Monday masses and 3rd Friday Mass of every month. 25 children are expertly trained for the Mass, with the help of Mr. Sibi. I take this opportunity to thank him for his immense support towards this program. Special training is given for reading the Bible in Malayalam, in this session; as an encouragement to use their mother tongue and to make sure that they grounded to our roots in a healthy way, even when they are miles away from their homeland. We consider this as our responsibility and are fully aware of its importance, in this swiftly changing world.

Bible Quiz:

Every year Ministry is conducting Bible Quiz for different age group of children [6 – 18 years], and that helps children to know more about the Word of the Lord. 200 – 250 children take part in the Bible quiz every year.

Annual Retreat:

As a part of our efforts to encourage the divine awareness of, every year our Ministry use to conduct Kids for Kingdom Retreat for the children from the age group of 6 to 18. We strive to the best of our ability to bring key persons who can make an impact to our children in personal and professional persona to delight their wisdom in the holy prospect. These well-known souls from various part of the globe is helping us to realize our divine mission. I am proud to say that these efforts were successful for all these years. It is conducted every year on the first week of July [4 days]. Last time 1335 children had attended this enthusiastic and motivation section.

Ministry is thankful to Rev. Fr. Saji and Rev. Fr. Francis, Core group members, Volunteers and parents for their blessings and prayers. We request you to pray for us, so that God gives us the wisdom to impart knowledge to the kids.

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