Music Ministry

Sebastian C Francis

Core Committee Member

Jose Kochappan

Ministry Leader
+973 35593509

Divine Worship РThe choir is a reflection of heaven, individuals coming together to praise the God with one voice. This is an echo of throngs of angels around the altar. Displaying their God given talents to honour the Lord Almighty.

St.Paul in his first Corinthians emphasis the role of choir member”I will pray with spirit and I will also pray with mind, I will sing with spirit and I will also ¬†sing with the mind.

The choir takes on a pastoral role and it brings a rich dynamic to the theme or message of the particular service.This is especially effective in services with Holy Mass, missional service, or special like those during Holy week or Advent.

Our Choir binds us together, as we gather together to practice, praise, and pray. As we sing in one accord we harmonize the Church community.