Intercession ministry

Jogy Joseph

Core Committee Member

Febin Rapheal

Ministry Leader
+973 36288712

BMCC intercession ministry is one of the 14 ministries under the BMCC core group. The first and most important responsibility of this ministry is to pray for the needy and also for the church and world. The ministry has total of seven members. One from the core group and others are taken from the faithful who is ready to offer their time for praying for others. There will be a leader for this group and he is responsible for the coordination of the prayer. The ministry members sit together for a meeting once in every month to discuss and evaluate the activities of the ministry.

Major Activities of the Ministry

Prayer Request Box

A Prayer request box will be kept in the church or hall during all the Malayalam masses and also for any Malayalam prayer gatherings. Congregations can drop their prayer request and also thanks giving in this box. Every Sunday after the Malayalam Holy Mass the prayers will be collected from the box and given to the person who is responsible for leading the intercession prayers for the week.

The congregation gets together on every Tuesday after the Malayalam mass and St. Antony’s Novena in Room number :1 and intercede for all the petitions collected on the previous Sunday and also make intercession prayers for the community and the world. Timing will be from 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm

Prior to the prayer service at 7.45pm a small group will gather in the same room at 7 pm and pray the rosary and also the general intercessions. Every Thursdays after the Praise and worship and world of God, a member from the Intercession group will lead the intercession prayer and intercede for all the prayer requests taken on the previous Sunday. The timing for the intercession prayer is 30 minutes (8 pm to 8.30 pm) and also the same person will intercede for the same prayer requests ,15 minutes before the Monday Malayalam mass (6.45 pm to 6.55 pm)
And a copy of the above prayer requests will send to the family Cells leader and he will forward this to the Zonal leaders and then to the individual family cell leaders and these prayers will be pray in the prayer groups also.

Some copies will be kept in the religious gift shop and distribute to the faithful for praying.

Under the BMCC Intercession, we have two WhatsApp groups .Intercession1 and intercession2 and a total of 200 members in the groups and also many sub groups. Urgent and very important prayer request will circulate through these groups. We make sure only very important intercession prayers are circulate through this group. This is strictly controlled. These groups are controlled by the Intercession core Group member.

Apart from these, any general intercession for the church and also for any activities in the Malayalam community, intercession ministry has the responsibility for the intercession prayers and may release a prayer card for special activities like St. Sebastian feast, Retreats etc.