1. The Bishop’s Pastoral letter is now available and will be distributed after mass.  Please collect one copy per family.
  2. Our parish is organizing a “Dinner for a Noble Cause” on Thursday, 19th October at the Gulf Convention Center, Gulf Hotel. We are pleased to inform you that “The Dinner for a Noble Cause” tickets that were launched last Friday, are almost sold out and we have the last five tables remaining. Parishioners wishing to contribute towards this cause or who can help to acquire corporate supporters for this event, can contact Fr Gaspar or approach one of the DFNC members who are at the help desk located in the Church premises. The proceeds raised from this event will go towards the needy families of the various communities in the parish and to assist the families of the deceased.
  3. Couples For Christ (CFC) cordially invites all married couples, single men or women, widows or widowers and those whose spouses who are not here in Bahrain to the 78th Christian Life Program from 22nd September to 10th November on every Fridays at 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm, at St. Padre Pio Hall. Application forms are available from the Couples for Christ members or at the Parish Office.
  4. We are pleased to announce that we will be having a special Session on Thursday, 12th October at 7.00 pm in Our Lady of Arabia Auditorium.The theme of this service is The Body of Christ & Healing. There will be the Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament, praise, sharing of the Word, followed by worship and healing session, so that all may experience the work of God.

Fr. Freddy D’Souza, OFM Cap.